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Eschenbach powerlux

SKU: 158620
Eschenbach powerlux 5x LED illuminated stand magnifier. High magnification combined with two SMD LEDs provides high accurate vision and relaxed reading even for those requiring a high degree of magnification. Powerlux has been ergonomically designed to make it comfortable to hold and ensure maximum comfort when guiding the magnifying glass over the reading matter. The open design means that the user can also do a small amount of writing under the lens. Powerlux is available with two different colours of LED light depending on individual light requirements. Special protection: Automatic switch-off. The light switches off automatically after 30 minutes to prevent leaving the light on and discharging the battery unintentionally after reading. 5x magnification illumination provided by 2 LEDs. Lens High level of magnification 20dpt. / 5x Reading distance of 14cm Aspheric cera-tec® coating The ultimate image quality Illumination 2 SMD LEDs positioned opposite to each other for optimum , pinpoint illumination of the reading material,no shadowing Perfect illumination during battery operation, with mains no longer needed, the magnifier remains flexible and independant. LEDs provide an illumination strength up to 4000lx Two different colours of light obtainable at 8000K (Kelvin) or 3000K to acommodate the different glare sensitivities of the eye. 8000K is a bluish light, cold light. 3000K is a yellow, warm light. Automatic switch-off after 30 minutes to prevent continued illumination after you have finished reading. 3AA Batteries provide 40 hours of illumination. Batteries and case included.
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